How To Write a Work From Home Resume

How to write a work from home resume

Before applying for remote jobs, you’ll need to tweak your resume to make it telecommuting friendly. You want your work from home resume to stand out to potential employers.

According to experts, you should tailor your resume to the type of work you are looking for. This is especially true when searching for remote jobs. Hiring managers and recruiters alike look for skill sets that indicate you will be a successful telecommuter.

If you’re actively looking for telecommute work, and haven’t been able to land an interview, it’s time to edit your resume.

Follow our 5 tips on how to write a work from home resume that gets noticed:

  • #1. Include Job Specific Keywords

    In addition to tailoring your work from home resume for the type of work you are looking for, you should also tailor it to the specific job you are applying for. Most of the time when you submit a resume, it is first scanned by hiring search-bot software. The search-bot is looking for certain keywords or keyword pairs that the company deems needed by applicants. If your resume doesn’t include these keywords, it is trashed and never actually seen by a human.

    The first place to look for keywords to use is in the job advertisement itself. Study the job description, responsibilities, required skills and additional skills sections. These sections are all filled with important keywords you should include in your work from home resume.

    Common Keywords and Phrases

    I have spent numerous hours looking for remote jobs. Here are some keywords and phrases that seem to show up the most.

    • Deadline Driven
    • Analytical
    • Problem-Solving
    • Remote
    • Positive
    • Dependable
    • Self-Starter
    • Self-motivated
    • Communication Skills
    • Organized
    • Research Skills
    • Flexible
    • Adaptable
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Multitask
    • Independent
    • Telecommute
    • Efficient
    • Time-Management
    • Reliable
    • Project Management

    If you are having a hard time finding the most relevant keywords from a job listing, give JobScan a try. It’s a great easy to use tool. You paste your resume on one side and the job listing on the other side. Then JobScan will compare the two and provide you with a report of how well your resume matches the job requirements. It’s free up to five scans per month. They charge for more than 5 scans. They do offer a free month. If you’re actively looking for employment, sign up and run unlimited scans and then cancel.

  • #2. Create a Skills Section

    Create a skills section on your resume. Many skills that you are using in your current job or have used in the past are also used in a telecommuting job. The skills section is a good place to put your keywords talked about in tip #1 above. Be sure to highlight any technology skills, such as computer operations, MS Office, etc., that you have as well. Again, tailor it to the job you are seeking.

  • #3. Tweak the Objective

    Tweak your objective to be telecommuting friendly. You don’t want your work from home resume objective to simply be to telecommute. Your resume objective should always seek to solve your employer’s problem. An example objective using some of the common keywords above for a remote customer service representative is:

    Self-motivated and reliable Remote Customer Service Representative who is able to create an efficient work environment based on the company’s telecommute policies. Efficient with utilizing computer productivity software, maintaining quality customer service, and being adaptable to a given situation. Specializes in technical support, inbound phone sales, and exceeding customer expectations.

  • #4. Emphasize That You Are Self-Motivated

    Make sure that you emphasize on your work from home resume that you are self-motivated. Self-motivated means that you can achieve goals and complete tasks without being pressured from others. Since you are working remotely, potential employers need to be assured that you can get work done with minimum supervision and guidance.

    Some ways to be self-motivated are:

    • Set achievable goals
    • Take realistic risks
    • Ask for feedback on how you can improve
    • Go the extra mile to achieve business goals
    • Seek out extra opportunities to excel
    • Keep chasing goals, even when faced with setbacks
  • #5. Demonstrate That You Are Trustworthy

    It can sometimes be difficult for an employer to trust someone to be productive when working from home. Try to list skills that build trust. Jobs where you had access to customer account information, were responsible for handling money, etc. can help show an employer that you can be trusted.

Think of your resume as a snapshot of yourself and your abilities. Your work from home resume should put potential employers at ease, make them trust you, and hire you. Be sure to emphasize that you can work remote, but don’t make the idea of telecommuting the focal point of your resume. Keep the focus on your experience and skills.

We hope you found our work from home resume tips beneficial in your remote job search!

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